Communicable Disease Screening and Isolation Assistant



6.75 hrs per day/ 5 days per week

Limited Duration

Anticipated Start Date: August 30, 2021

Anticipated End Date: June 15, 2022


Wage range based on 2020-21 Wage Schedule. 2021-22 Wage Schedule to be determined.


Position serves Molalla River Middle School





  1. To perform and assist with duties related to the Health and Safety requirements for schools in the ODE Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance Document, the school’s Blueprint for Reopening, and the MRSD COVID-19 Specific Communicable Disease Management Addendum.



  1. High School Diploma or equivalent as required by OAR 581-37-030, Oregon Department of Education (one year of vocational training or college preferred)
  2. Must be 18 years of age or older
  3. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
  4. Ability to possess and maintain a valid First Aid card, including HIV training
  5. Ability to work with accuracy and attention to detail and meet deadlines
  6. Possess a valid Oregon driver's license
  7. Ability to work calmly in stressful situations
  8. Ability to recognize listen and respond to sensitive situations with students, parents, and staff
  9. Ability to respond in an empathetic manner in interactions with students, parents, and staff
  10. Possess a level of computer literacy, capable of learning navigation, and data entry and retrieval in the Synergy Student Data System.
  11. Ability to maintain and verify completeness of records, meet schedules and deadlines.
  12. Ability to take direction specifically from the principal, office secretary, and the School Nurse.
  13. Ability to perform work in a self-directed manner.
  14. Ability to use judgment in the analysis of facts and circumstances surrounding individual problems in determining and prioritizing the necessary actions.
  15. Ability to maintain effective relationships with administration, staff, students, parents and the general public.
  16. Commitment to confidentiality of information.
  17. Genuine enjoyment and understanding of children and awareness of general purposes and goals of public education.
  18. Maintain satisfactory attendance as defined in District policy and regulations.
  19. Willingness to operate according to policies and procedures.
  20. Participate in in-service programs as assigned
  21. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  including the following.  Other duties may also be assigned.

  1. Participate in trainings and professional development as assigned by the School Nurse
  2. Assist the office secretary as needed in the general operations of the school office
  3. Supervise students during non-class time
  4. Assist in maintaining sanitization of shared spaces and equipment
  5. Coordinate with bus drivers during drop-off time to receive screening reports
  6. Respond to staff reports of students or staff with symptoms
  7. Screen students and staff who present as ill
  8. Supervise the Screening and Isolation Spaces
  9. Communicate with parents/families regarding screening results
  10. Move students and staff to Isolation Space as needed
  11. Maintain student and staff privacy and confidentiality
  12. Use PPE as assigned by the School Nurse
  13. Maintain Communicable Disease Surveillance Logs
  14. Maintain Health Room Logs
  15. Reinforce exclusion action with parents



  1. High School Diploma or equivalent
  2. Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance


  1. Associates Degree, or equivalent



Significant physical abilities include lifting/carrying, reaching/handling, talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception/accommodation/field of vision. (See addendum for details)



This position is a one-year limited duration assignment, ending at the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year. Salary to be according to current salary schedule agreed upon in the Certified Collective Bargaining Agreement.