Reading Specialist

Clarkes Elementary

0.5 FTE   (190/191 full contract year)


Anticipated begin date: August 27, 2021

The salary posted is the 2020-2021 salary schedule. Salary Schedule for 2021-2022 TBA. 



REPORTS TO:           Principal


EVALUATED BY:      Principal


  1. Create a classroom environment which is safe and conducive to learning.
  2. Implement instructional strategies and programs which meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  3. Assist students in the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the State Benchmark Standards.
  4. Develop a positive working relationship with students, staff, administration, parents, and community.


  1. 1. Holds a valid Oregon Elementary Teaching license. Reading Endorsement Highly Preferred
  2. Knowledge of child growth and development at each level of instruction.
  3. Understands the instructional and assessment requirements necessary to assist students in reaching the content and performance standards as established by Oregon's Educational Act for The 21st Century.
  4. Possesses knowledge of effective behavior management methods.
  5. Possesses functional computer literacy, knowledge of word processing and an understanding of how computers can assist instruction.
  6. Maintains satisfactory attendance as defined in District policy and regulations.


  1. The competent teacher will:
  2. Implement a variety of assessment instruments to determine instructional needs of students in reading.
  3. Provide pre- and post-assessment data to building principal and program supervision
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use research-based curriculum and principles of effective instruction.
  5. Organize instruction using learning objectives with clearly defined student outcomes.
  6. Employs instructional methods and materials which are most appropriate for meeting the reading standards.
  7. Select teaching strategies emphasizing student involvement.
  8. Monitor student learning and pace instruction accordingly.
  9. Provide differentiated reading instruction to at-risk students.
  10. Develop and maintain a classroom environment that promotes learning and communicate those expectations to all students.
  11. Monitor and enforce rules for classroom behavior.
  12. Communicate academic and behavioral expectations to students.
  13. Provide for the health and safety of students in all instructional settings.
  14. Prepare effectively for class.
  15. Prepare daily lesson plans.

Provide instruction based on district reading standards and individual student needs.Provide documentation of student progress.

Maintain appropriate records of student performance.         

Provide timely and accurate feedback/documentation to students and parents.

Assign and check homework and provide feedback, when appropriate.

Keep parents and teachers informed through written and oral communication.


Develop and maintain positive interpersonal relationships.

      Model personal behaviors of honesty, fairness, courtesy and consideration.

      Maintain a cooperative relationship with administration, staff, students, and parents.

      Communicate effectively with parents, counselors, and students.

      Communicate effectively with classified, licensed, and administrative staff.

      Initiate and support activities for parents of participating students.

Build motivation and interest in learning.

        Exhibit personal interest and encourage student interest in the subject area.   

Maintain an ongoing personal program of professional growth and development.

Develop and implement annually an approved plan for professional growth and development.

Participate in District sponsored in service offerings appropriate to assignment.

Attend all required training and staff development sessions.

Act as instructional leader in the area of reading and literacy

Coordinate and develop the remedial reading program, based on curriculum established by the District and state standards.

Provide information to teachers about best practices in the area of reading and literacy.

Help develop in-services and learning opportunities for teachers and instructional assistants in the area of reading instruction and literacy

Perform other related duties as assigned by the principal and/or superintendent.