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Learning Specialist/Transition Program (21-22 LIC 04)

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TitleLearning Specialist/Transition Program
Posting ID21-22 LIC 04

Learning Specialist  /  1.0 FTE   

Transition Program 

18-21 years of age


Anticipated start date August 23, 2021

Salary Schedule posted is the 2020-2021 schedule. The 2021-2022 salary schedule TBA.


The program is located at the District office.


The Molalla Transition Program provides community-based services to students with disabilities, who are eligible for services, in a post-high environment.  The program is based in the community and the classroom is located at the district office.  The goals of the program are to provide services to students that will lead to competitive employment, further training opportunities or attending post-secondary education.  The program is designed to offer work and life experiences in the community that aim to improve student independence, self-determined choices and employability.  The program collaborates with other community agencies such as the Clackamas Education Service District, Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities as well as networks with other providers in other district transition programs.  The program is connected to Molalla High School logistically and works in conjunction with the staff and programs offered at MHS.  



  1. Lead, coordinate and provide instruction to students in the Molalla Transition Program in order to meet program goals.  
  2. Provide specially designed Instruction, develop and serve Individual Education Plans (IEP’s), coordinating services in accordance with the IDEA, and establishing job development in the community.
  3. Ensure all federal, state and district guidelines regarding IEPs and Post-Secondary Transition services are strictly followed. 
  4. Develop positive working relationships with students, families, staff, the Supported Education Department, Molalla High School staff and administrators, the community employment sector and community agencies.  
  5. Coordinate job development in the community.  Establish working relationships with employers and the business community, working with them to develop partnerships that will support program and student goals. 
  6. Coordinate the work of the district vocational driver and, if applicable, instructional assistants to meet program objectives. 
  7. Ensure that all district, state, and federal guidelines regarding pre-referrals (SST), referrals, testing, recordkeeping, and service delivery for students with disabilities are strictly followed.
  8. Develop a positive working relationship with students, staff, administration, parents and community partners.


  1. Successful teaching experience at the secondary level. 
  2. Knowledge of IDEA requirements and Predictors of Post-School Success.
  3. Knowledge of child/ adolescent growth and development at each level of instruction. 
  4. Possess knowledge of and experience with supporting positive classroom and community behavior, with an emphasis on prevention.  
  5. Possess functional computer and technology literacy for functional aspects of the work, professional communication and instructional application. 
  6. Maintain satisfactory attendance as defined in district policy. 



  1. Provides services to students that are predicted to lead to postsecondary success.  
  2. Prepare and deliver classroom and community instruction that will lead to postsecondary success for students. 
  3. Lead and take initiative in creating job development activities in the community for the purposes of student success and postsecondary goal attainment. 
  4. Develop community based instruction and design community based activities with the goal of teaching students to navigate postsecondary life. 
  5. Participate in professional development with the Supported Education Department, Clackamas ESD Transition Network, Molalla High School, and other opportunities that may arise through state and national improvement efforts in transition. 
  6. Maintain all IDEA compliance by writing IEPs with appropriate goals, driven by appropriate transition assessments; comply with all IDEA requirements around Triennial eligibility determination processes and conduct ongoing progress monitoring with appropriate reporting timelines.
  7. Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records and complete all paperwork requirements in a timely manner in accordance with federal and state regulations and district policy. 
  8. Use a variety of formal and informal assessments to troubleshoot, track progress and support meeting ongoing short and long-term instructional goals and objectives. 
  9. Consult with, train and monitor classified staff working in the department including instructional assistants and vocational drivers. 
  10. Maintain confidentiality concerning student information with respect to community engagement, in accordance with FERPA as well as educational provisions of HIPPA. 
  11. Develop and maintain appropriate relationships and provide ongoing communication with students, their families and staff in order to achieve program goals and objectives. 
  12. Maintain a safe and respectful learning environment.
  13. Coordinate all training and execution of extended testing for the school district.
  14. Coordinate all aspects of annual Post School Outcomes Data collection for the district.
  15. Maintain a high level of professional integrity by adhering to the Teacher Standards and Practices requirements for an Ethical Educator, Board Policy and State Law.
  16. Participate in various meetings (e.g. staff, team, SST, IEP, parent conferences, in-service training, etc.) for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information or sharing expertise.
  17. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Administration.



Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$40,435.00 - $77,736.00 / Per Year
LocationDistrict Office

Applications Accepted

Start Date06/07/2021
End Date09/15/2021