Molalla River SD 35

District Nurse (20-21 LIC 54)

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TitleDistrict Nurse
Posting ID20-21 LIC 54

District Nurse

Itinerant Schedule

1.0 FTE


Anticipated start date: August 2021

The salary schedule for 2021-2022 is still to be determined.



Internal Candidates -

A complete application would include:

  • On-Line application which includes a cover letter
  • Resume
  • Two Letters of Reference

External Candidates -

A complete application would include: 

  • On-Line application which includes a cover letter
  • Resume
  • Three letters of reference
  • Unoffical Transcripts
  • Copy of current license



  1. Works within the generally accepted framework of professional nursing standards of care.
  2. Provides a continuum of care for the general and special education population students to achieve their optimal potential.
  3. Works toward the accomplishment of District, school, and department requirements.
  4. Ensures that all district, state, and federal guidelines regarding health protocols and medication management is followed.
  5. Acts in a professional manner with students, staff, parents, community members, and health professionals.
  6. Pursues continuous professional growth.
  7. Understands and uses effective communication
  8. Creates and maintains a positive working environment and productive physical working space.
  9. Supports and consults with the classroom teacher and building staff regarding health protocols and medication needs.


  1. Hold an RN with a BSN with the Oregon State Board of Nursing.
  2. Successful Nursing experience.
  3. .Possesses knowledge of child growth and development at each level of instruction.
  4. Possesses knowledge of the development of health protocols, medication management, and delegation responsibilities.
  5. .Possesses functional computer literacy, knowledge of word processing and an  understanding of how computers can assist instruction.
  6. .Maintains satisfactory attendance as defined in District policy and regulations.


  1. Complies with federal and state laws and District regulations/policies.
  2. Maintains records as defined by school, department, or District guidelines, and state guidelines (Oregon State Board of Nursing).
  3. Cooperates in matters of student health and safety.
  4. Accepts shared responsibilities for duties and committees.
  5. Answers parent and staff inquiries promptly and confidentially.
  6. Disseminates information to appropriate staff in a timely manner.
  7. Adheres to federal, state, and school district policy regarding confidentiality.
  8. Adheres to employee conduct and responsibility requirements as stated in the board policy handbook.
  9. Supports a positive and productive working and learning environment.
  10. Adjusts to changing conditions in unexpected situations.
  11. Demonstrates punctuality in meeting workplace obligations.
  12. Shares ideas and resources collaboratively.
  13. Sets professional goals, assessing progress, and modifying as needed.
  14. Maintains current research-based content knowledge and nursing practices.
  15. Attains and utilizes proficiency necessary to deliver content and services.
  16. Engages in opportunities for professional development.
  17. Collaborates with colleagues.
  18. Seeks current technology and applies it to school nursing practice.
  19. Uses audience specific, clear, and correct spoken and written language.
  20. Utilizes various communication tools to interact in a timely manner.
  21. Addresses concerns of others in a positive and professional manner to protect the individual’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  22. Listens and responds to questions, suggestions, and comments in a respectful and proactive manner
  23. Communicates in a nonjudgmental and non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to and respectful of student and family diversity
  24. Responds, in a timely manner, to parent concerns.
  25. contacts parents, as needed, regarding student health issues.
  26. Participates in group decision-making processes and communicates a clear understanding of those decisions.
  27. Participates in collaborative data teams when appropriate.
  28. Provides clear goals, directions, and procedures.
  29. Keeps supervisors informed of program activities and concerns.
  30. Communicates in an effective manner with teachers, paraprofessionals, and adult assistants.
  31. Cooperates with Community Service organizations as directed.
  32. Cooperates with county, state, and federal agencies as directed.
  33. Interacts in a respectful manner with peers, staff, and students.
  34. Models positive verbal and non-verbal behavior.
  35. Recognized and respects cultural diversity.
  36. Responds to inappropriate behavior while respecting the dignity of students and staff.
  37. Accepts and offers suggestions in a non-judgmental manner.
  38. Respectfully uses shared space in office or school setting.
  39. Shares materials according to office protocols.
  40. Organizes physical space.



* RN with BSN with the Oregon State Board of Nursing

* Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$40,435.00 - $77,736.00 / Per Year
LocationDistrict Office

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/28/2021
End Date08/04/2021